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Designers biggest complaints these days are when fabric they  order is out of stock and backordered, or in stock but in pieces.  They call me to figure out which pieces to order so their client’s products can be made.  Sometimes it’s like a challenging jigsaw puzzle.

But, wait!  We found a solution!

Along with beautifully crafted draperies, shades, and upholstery, the Stonemill showroom is now where designers and specifiers can come to select great fabrics, usually in stock, and purchase them at wholesale prices. 

We have chosen to represent Carole Fabrics, an outstanding line that reflects all of the current fashion and color trends in excellent designs with pattern, texture and solids.

And here’s the best part:

  • 95% of orders with Carole Fabrics are filled from stock in their US warehouse.  That means that you rarely have to backorder again.
  • Orders for cut yardage placed by 1pm PST generally ship that same day.  Can’t get much better than that.
  • This line is moderately priced with excellent quality, and includes drapery, upholstery, and multipurpose fabrics.

                                                                          You will have a wide choice of patterns, many selected from sources all over the world,  and some are exclusive to Carole Fabrics.

I get to feel really good when I can let you know the fabric you ordered today is in stock and will ship today!

Visit our showroom (or give me a call), make me happy, and see how we can help get you happy too, with some marvelous fabrics quicker and easier!